About Us

Our Mission

We at Australia Disability Services make sure that the patient feels at home and does not feel that they must go through their disability alone. Our professionals take a human-centred empathetic approach towards people. Everyone can need a little hand at some point in their lives. Australia Disability Services aims to provide quality care, so anyone and everyone can enjoy independence with peace of mind.Australia Disability Services aims to provide quality disability care services for anyone and everyone. We believe in empowering and improving the overall quality of life for everyone.


Our Impact

Australia Disability Services allows you to live freely and independently, thanks to our specialised and experienced team efforts. Be it an adult or a child, we at Australia Disability Services make sure that everyone lives to the fullest and realise their full potential.

This core value of Australia Disability Services helps it stand out from the competition as society is benefitting from our core values and aims.

Our Core Values

We empower individuals by teaching and counselling how they can learn and take the education with them to home and become a better part of society. Everyone can handle physical and mental health better after some time with Australia Disability Services.
Australia Disability Services wants to work towards a better and improved society. We work tirelessly to keep you informed and will always give our best in every service we offer.
Australia Disability Service’s teams have diverse multilingual and cultural backgrounds and specialise in different fields to offer all Australians the best service in the best manner.
We believe in not just equality of opportunity but also in equality of outcomes as we know that all people may not be able to give out the same level of effort. Everyone must feel empowerment and must work together to help empower others.
Australia Disability Services has a strong core belief in equality; we make sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally, regardless of their cultural, religious, or ethnic backgrounds.
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