Australia Disability Services: Providing Quality Care Tailored for You

The world is experiencing an increasing number of people with a disability. Each country has their own strategies to augment their way of living by providing different disability support services. Here in Australia, we are fortunate to have the National Disability Insurance Scheme. NDIS funds all types of support services for its participants. If you are not eligible for NDIS, there are also different government-run disability services in Australia you can rely on. 

In our mission to serve the vulnerable sector in our country, Australia Disability Services, offers the best disability care for NDIS participants. We are one of the most outstanding NDIS providers in Australia that is values and client-centred. Take the time to read all the support services we offer and its short description:

Respite Care

We can be your refuge whenever you need respite as a carer or as a NDIS participant. You can choose to have it for a few days, have an ADS-staff care for you in-home or in our facility. No matter what you choose, we guarantee the best respite care for you and your family. 

Health and Wellbeing

Receive complete mental and physical health services from our competent disability workers. Here at ADS, your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is our top priority.

Life Skills

Our life skills development program is given in relation to your set life goals. Some examples of life skills you can gain from ADS are development of personal care, cooking, doing simple household chores, using the public transport and more.

Assist-life Service

You can rely on ADS to hold your hand in all the changes of life you encounter. We are here to prepare you in facing different life stages. We have different self-help classes and courses for certain skills that you might need during your transition.

Community Participation

Enjoy exploring your community with our planned NDIS social activities. These community participation activities can help you gain new friends, build confidence in using public transportation, and feel valued as a member of the community.

Accommodation Assistance

There are circumstances wherein you must stay in a facility to assist you better. You can consider ADS’ options for accommodation and tenancy. We also have the best specialist disability accommodation in NDIS for people who need high-level assistance on a daily basis. 


Disability living requires you to go on frequent trips to facilities, clinics and hospitals. This is why we offer the NDIS transport services you can trust. NDIS transport is funded to help you navigate your community safely.

Daily Life Assistance

Our caring and competent disability workers are always ready to serve you with the best assistance with your daily living. The supports included in our daily activities in NDIS are personal grooming, mobility, household tasks and more.

Daily Tasks 

With ADS, you get a reliable support worker to be with you 24/7. You and your family can trust us to deliver a complete and appropriate disability home care. Doing your daily tasks can be easier here at ADS.

Household Tasks

One of the major concerns you may have as a person with disability is housekeeping. This is especially true if you choose to have a Supported Independent Living. No need to worry because our house cleaning services can take care of your house maintenance. 

Support Coordination

The support coordination in your NDIS fund should be handled by a trustworthy team. This is where ADS can assist you. We have enough connections to give you the best support services in Australia. We help you maximise the NDIS support you need. 

Centre Activities

To help you achieve a fuller life, we create community centre activities that develop your abilities and self-worth. It can be in the form of one-on-one sessions or in NDIS group activities. These events are key to reaching independence and achieving your goals.

Personal Activities

Build your self-confidence and learn new skills with well-utilised NDIS funding categories. Learn how to improve your daily life tasks with our full guidance and support. 

Assistance Animals

There are different kinds of assistance animals available in Australia. But the most popular in NDIS are dogs. They are known as the best emotional support animal in Australia. After justifying the importance of support-animals in your condition, we can help you receive one. 

Start the life you have been dreaming of – a life that is happier, more content, and meaningful. Australia Disability Services is here to be your number one supporter in all the life journeys you will take. Contact ADS now and start planning your fuller life with us!