Australia Disability Services: Your Partner in Facing Life With Disability

It is estimated that for every 6 people, there is 1 person living with a disability in Australia. We can say that it is an emerging reality in our country that needs to be addressed properly. Together with our government’s effort, providers of disability services in Australia are working to improve the lives of these people. 

In this blog, let us introduce you to one of the most reliable and effective disability service providers near you. Australia Disability Care is a disability support services provider that uses a human-centred, empathetic approach. We believe that in disability living, gaining independence does not mean being alone. You don’t have to stop yourself from planning your life goals because ADS is here to guide you all the way.  

The Core Values of ADS

All our disability services are in line with our beliefs and core values. We see our clients and their families as part of our growing family. Following these values whole heartedly makes us believe that we are on the right track to being the best partner for people with disabilities. 


Providing disability care is a great responsibility. Here at ADS, we only choose the most competent and skilled disability support workers in Australia. This way, you can get reliable disability care services while feeling valued and respected. Our team aims to prepare you to face the bigger picture in life. We want you to improve your skills and confidence to take on new challenges. Become a better part of the community with ADS.


Australia Disability Services believes that honest and open communication is key to building a respectful relationship with our clients. We want you to feel comfortable sharing with us your dreams and life goals. As for us, we can help you find the best disability support services in Melbourne.


Our team members came from diverse multilingual and cultural backgrounds. We respect the individuality of all the people that we work with. You can feel the essence of belonging within the group of different races. ADS is certain that in providing and receiving care, all races are equal and important. We work hard collectively to provide the best possible disability support services near you.


We established our disability facilities as welcoming and inclusive. Our goal is to make everyone feel empowered and receive equal rights and opportunities. When there is unity and acceptance, everyone is motivated to do their best in all that they do. People who need disability services in Victoria can feel their importance in society.


At ADS, you can find disability support near you that nurtures your inner strengths and assists you with your weaknesses. No matter what condition you have, living situation, or ethnicity you have, ADS respects it. We all deserve to have a better life and have equal opportunities. It is our mission to improve the quality of disability support in Australia. 

Live Your Life to the Fullest with Australia Disability Services

As a dedicated disability provider, we are devoted to improving the lives of every person who seeks our services. Your life matters to us. We can be the instrument of change you have been dreaming of. Contact ADS now, the provider of high-quality disability services near you!