Importance of a Fulfilling Social Life

Bronnie Ware, an Australian palliative nurse, spent many years of her life taking care of the dying in the last few months of their lives.


She learnt that one of the top regrets of the dying involves having unfulfilled social lives.


Knowing this now, it’s best to actively put in the effort in making our own fulfilling. And no, you don’t have to be a social butterfly to have a fulfilling social life.


Read on to learn more about the importance of having one.

What Makes It Important?

A Better Quality of Life

It’s no secret that we humans are social beings. Having friends and people around you means you can share experiences with them and have a good time along the way.


Having a vibrant social network promotes a good sense of security, safety, purpose, and belonging.


It also gives you more energy, excitement, and motivation.

A Longer and Healthier Life

The study 2005 Australian Longitudinal Study of Aging” shows that having few friends is equal to smoking 15 sticks of cigarettes per day.


It reveals that it is more dangerous for your physical wellbeing than not exercising at all or being obese.


These health detriments can be avoided if social life is improved.

Improved Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Social interactions are good for your brain health. It reduces depression, lowers the risk of dementia, and improves overall mental health in general. It also helps in developing a healthy self-esteem and self-image.

More Opportunities in Your Way

Almost everything in life involves communicating with others, may it be in your work, dating life, apartment hunting or reaching your life goals in general. The better you are at it in your social life, the more doors of opportunities are open for you.
Importance of a Fulfilling Social Life

NDIS Social and Community Participation

It is natural to seek companionship with others as part of our wellbeing.

This NDIS service can help foster your communication skills and give you the opportunity to build new meaningful connections.



This can be done by learning new hobbies, playing sports, going on trips and vacations, and more with other people.

Improve Your Social Life With Us

Australia Disability Services, an NDIS service provider in Victoria, is here to help you develop your social skills and intelligence. Participate in community activities with our help.


Contact us now at Australia Disability Services for a more fulfilling social life!