Valuable Facts About Supported Independent Living (SIL)

As a person living with disability, Supported Independent Living can be a great help in navigating through their journey in life. You may ask, but what is SIL and would someone you love who needs disability support need one?

In this post, Australia Disability Services, a top choice in disability services in Australia, shares with you all the need-to-know information about Supported Independent Living or SIL.

What is SIL?

According to the NDIS, Supported Independent Living is a type of support they can fund for people who need disability care who live in their own home.

It is about help for daily tasks like cooking meals or personal care. It is best suited for disabled people with higher support needs (throughout the day, 7 days a week)

What Can Be Included in SIL?

There are different support types  that can be categorized under Supported Independent Living. This includes :


  • Support with personal safety, supervision or personal safety
  • Support for medical appointments
  • Help with personal care tasks
  • Support to have your medicines administered
  • Help to build personal skills like cooking, cleaning, etc.


Other activities that meet NDIS funding criteria

Are There Activities That Cannot Be Included in SIL?

Yes, there are. NDIS cannot provide funding for the following:


  • Day to day cost of living not related to your disability (groceries, rent, utilities, etc.)
  • Expenses related to holidays or household budgeting

What Are the Benefits of SIL?

Helps You Become Independent

As the name suggests, the main goal for this is for the person needing disability support to be as independent as possible. It gives an opportunity for people with disabilities to live on their own while receiving support specific to their needs. In the end, you will learn valuable life lessons and give you confidence while at the comfort of your own personal space.

Safe Space for Growth

Under an SIL setup, a person needing disability support will have a safe and functional environment while they pursue their interests and hobbies. They are given a chance to make informed decisions and choices on their routine and lifestyle. This will help them eventually to reach their desired goals and be fully independent in the long run.

Opportunity to Socialize

NDIS accredited SIL providers normally handle more than 1 SIL home in an area. Under this scheme, one can have the opportunity to meet, and engage, with other SILs.

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