What Are the Different Types of Disability Support Services in Australia?

The Australian government, private, and community sectors offer a range of disability services and support to Australians living with disabilities. If you are a person seeking information about how to care for yourself or someone living with disability, there are Australia disability services available to aid you.


There are two primary categories of support for people with disabilities.In today’s blog, Australia Disability Services, one of the trusted providers of disability support services in Melbourne, sheds light on these support categories.

1. Community Support

This ensures that people with impairments can get services regardless of where they live or work. It includes all of these people’s basic necessities in order for them to have a better life and actively participate in society. It also has sign language interpreters, braille, information that is easy to grasp, and accessible bathrooms and entrances.

2. Personal Support

While personal support guarantees that a person with disability receives personalized service or assistance in order to overcome daily constraints such as mobility, communication, and self-care.

Under the personal support, these includes a specific care that caters to different disabilities and these are:

Attendant care support

Attendant care is one-on-one assistance, a service that helps people living with disability who need extra help in their activities of daily living. It is provided by trained professionals to help you with bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, and other daily tasks that support your independence.

Home and community support

People at home need support to stay safe, reach their goals and live a quality life. It provides house management services for people living in the community to maintain their independence in daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, shopping and gardening.

Assistive or adaptive technology

The life of persons living with disability is changed for the better through communication devices and text-to-speech software that help them overcome the communication barrier.

Mobility aids

This provides support for people who have problems in their movement such as a wheelchair, crutches, stair lifts, scooter, or a guide dog. These devices give relief, confidence, and freedom for people who are at huge risk of falling.

For Dependable Disability Services in Victoria, Count on ADS!

There are many ways to help someone living with disability, from a single-use item to a long-term service plan. As one of the trusted providers of high-quality disability support services in Melbourne, Australia Disability Services is here to help you lead a safe, happy, and fulfilling life. To learn more about how we can assist you, contact us today!