When Is Respite Care Needed?

Taking care of someone everyday can be quite taxing physically, emotionally, and mentally in the long run. If without breaks, caregiving can lead to burnout and be damaging to the caregiver’s physical and mental health. This is why every now and then, the primary carer must be given some time to rest or respite from the challenging tasks of caregiving.


Respite care are NDIS programs planned to give the primary carer a short-term break so that they could have a much-deserved period of relaxation and maintain good well-being. The following are some scenarios in which respite care services should be highly considered:


1. Following hospitalisation or illness of the participant

When the NDIS participant is in the recovery phase from hospitalisation, surgery, or illness, expectedly a lot of care must be rendered more than usual. In this situation, respite care can be provided so that the primary carer can rest for a while and a competent and well-trained support worker can offer skilled nursing so that the participant can recuperate faster. At the same time, the caregiver and other family members can be given peace of mind.


2. Special life events and occasions

There are several important life events that primary carers will need to take a break from caregiving to have time for themselves and focus on these occasions. Respite caregivers can come in to help while the primary carer is getting ready or helping out with a wedding, going on maternity leave, or going on an important trip.


3. Emergencies

Primary carers may experience emergency situations and last-minute conflicts that emergency respite care can be useful. Respite caregivers can step-in for you while you’re away during an emergency appointment, an important meeting for work, or family affairs to attend to.


4. Rest

We all need to rest. Caregivers usually have to take care of a participant 24/7 and this can of course be tiring. This probably is the most common reason for respite care and should regularly be done to avoid caregiver burnout.

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