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Acknowledging the distinctive requirements of individuals with physical limitations and mobility challenges is paramount. The journey towards empowering these individuals necessitates specialised care and unwavering support. This compels the search for unparalleled experts, equipped not only with qualifications but also with an innate ability to elevate lives.


If you find yourself in Ballarat, the prime choice is Australia Disability Services. Boasting years of experience and a team of highly qualified experts, we stand as one of the most trusted names, ready to provide unparalleled support and assistance to individuals managing mobility challenges.

What makes our Support Workers in Ballarat Unique?


It is due to the holistic care, empathy and compassion of our qualified support workers that our participants are in their capable hands. Here, differences dissolve, and a life dictated by choice and self-determination takes precedence.


Central to our offering is the seamless integration of competence and compassion demonstrated by our highly accomplished support staff. Those within our care are embraced by an environment that transcends disparities originating from their limitations. Our core values are grounded in ensuring that each individual, irrespective of their challenges, takes the reins of their envisioned life’s journey.


Forge Ahead with Confidence alongside Our Disability Support Providers



At Australia Disability Services, the support services we offer include:


  • Respite Care
  • Holistic Health and Wellbeing Services
  • Active Community Participation Facilitation
  • Support with Accommodation Matters
  • Assistance in Daily Life Activities
  • Strategic Support Coordination


With these all-inclusive services, we have emerged as a trusted support provider of NDIS Support Services near Ballarat.



NDIS Providers in Ballarat FAQ

Our support providers are all highly trained and possess the necessary skills to offer holistic care. They take into account your lifestyle, preferences, as well as your socioeconomic background to offer none other than the highly quality support that you deserve.
Yes, Our commitment to your journey knows no time constraints. Whenever you need us, we're by your side, infusing your life with unwavering support.
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Connect with us to book an appointment with our support providers or email us at info@australiadisabilityservices.com.au to know how we transform lives.