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If you or your loved one is under the NDIS and require transport service for disability in Melbourne, Australia Disability Services is the name in which you can rely since we have some of the best support workers in our team. Apart from this, we have been assisting participants for years now. So, we will easily be able to understand the varied needs of our clients and assist them effectively.


We develop individual plans to aid participants requiring transport assistance. This type of personalisation makes the support services more effective and is thus liked and preferred by the participants. And apart from helping participants reach places using their disability aids, we assist them in achieving autonomy.

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Safe and Secure NDIS Transport Services in Melbourne


At Australia Disability Services, we are dedicated to being one of the top NDIS transport providers that prioritize our clients’ unique life goals. As their partner, we help them learn how to navigate public transportation and ensure they reach their destinations safely. Our transportation services for disabled adults are provided with genuine care and professionalism, emphasizing our commitment to providing quality service. We offer scheduled transport services for patients, such as trips to the hospital, recreational outings, attending classes, and more. At Australia Disability Services, we strive to empower our clients by developing their independence in using public transportation and ensuring they travel with ease and comfort. As an NDIS provider of transport assistance, we go above and beyond to maximize their funds and achieve excellent outcomes. Additionally, aid in transport can be included in our NDIS assistance with daily life, enhancing our clients’ overall experience. Elevate your independence and enjoy the best NDIS transport services with us at Australia Disability Services!

What’s Unique With Our Transport Patient Services


Australia Disability Services is one of the leading NDIS transport providers that values our clients’ individual life goals. We are their partner in learning their ways with public transportation and reaching their destinations safely. At Australia Disability Services, we provide transportation services for participants with a strong emphasis on genuine care and professionalism. Our services include scheduled transport for patients to hospitals, recreational outings, attending classes, and various other destinations.


Transportation services for participants enable them to have greater opportunities to build relationships, participate in different community activities, have a sense of self-worth and explore different places. Experience professional and compassionate transportation services for individuals with diverse needs at Australia Disability Services!

Why Choose Our Disability Transport Services in Melbourne?


Choose our disability transport services in Melbourne since:


  • Our support staff methodically assist participants with travelling to places
  • Our support workers are friendly, compassionate and fulfil all requirements of the participants
  • We help participants achieve autonomy while assisting them with transport


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Transport Accordion (FAQ)

To choose our transport service for individuals with diverse needs,, you will need to get in touch with us and give us some details about your physical impairments, your funding, the issues that you are experiencing with transport, etc. After noting the requirements, we will develop a plan and assign a support worker for you.
In our NDIS transport services in Melbourne, we help participants move to places using their disability equipment. In addition, we guide them to travel to different places alone, using these tools to achieve autonomy. We also guide them to use public transport.
Surely. At Australia Disability Services, we personalise the transport services for disabled in Melbourne after noting down their requirements. So, if you are a participant or the family member of the same and need a responsible organisation that will assist you or your loved ones to achieve autonomy, you are at the right place.
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Contact Us now if you require disability transport. Call us at 1300 237 634 to discuss your needs and we will develop a plan for you.