Community Participation

Providing the Best NDIS Social and Community Participation For You

As part of core support in NDIS, community participation enables participants to engage with different social and recreational activities in their community. With that, Australia Disability Services created the best opportunities in social and community participation for elderly and people with disabilities. We have a team of dedicated support workers which provides a hundred percent of support during different community participation in NDIS.  


Our community services in Melbourne include innovative community participation in NDIS. We make sure that our clients get to be part of different NDIS social activities according to their interests. Doing community participation should provide new learnings or meaningful experiences to the participants. They can learn new hobbies, sports, improve life skills, go on trips and vacation and more. Their moments in the NDIS community can have a lifelong positive effect in their lives. We go along with the modernisation of our time and provide only the most innovative community participation activities for our clients.  

If you want to receive great tenancy, diverse NDIS innovative community participation, and superb disability support services, then contact ADS now! 

Community participation Australia Disability Services

Why Choose Our Community Service Work?

The community service in Australia for elderly and people with different health and mental problems include different self development activities. As a dedicated disability service provider, Australia Disability Services are one with the government in making sure that all our clients participate in community NDIS. This is our way of giving community service in Australia and for the people who need it the most. Our mission for our clients are the following.

  • Participate in community activities that enriches your life and wellbeing in all aspects.
  • Provide you with individualised community based activities.
  • Participate in community activities that are centered on reaching your life goals.
  • Maximise your NDIS to participate in community work.

Ensure that your participation in community activities are safe and secured.