Daily Life Assistance

Australia Disability Services: Providing Great NDIS Assistance with Daily Life

Achieve an NDIS improved daily living here at Australia Disability Services. Our dedicated team of support workers offer their expertise in giving support in your day-to-day activities at home and in the community. It is our mission to deliver professional and compassionate assistance with daily living because we value the lives of our clients. Some of the CB daily activities in NDIS that we offer are:

  • Helping in personal activities of daily living like showering, dressing, etc.
  • Assisting you in getting around the community
  • Helping you in doing household chores and other daily activities in NDIS
  • Monitoring your health and fitness
  • Doing gardening and house maintenance tasks

Make each day an opportunity to improve yourself in spite of the challenges brought by your living condition, Australia Disability Services is here for you 100%!

Daily Tasks

Daily task | Australia Disability Services

Household Tasks

household task | Australia Disability Services

Why Choose our Assistance with Daily Personal Activities in NDIS

In order to enhance your independence, we provide the best support in going about your NDIS daily personal activities. Our care workers are trained to deliver assistance on different NDIS daily activities such as personal care, household tasks, food preparation and more. Their top priority is to ensure your safety, comfort, health and general wellbeing. We are also the name you can trust to render NDIS high intensity daily personal activities. No matter what kind of complex living situation you have, Australia Disability Services is here to support and assist you!