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NDIS Assistance With Daily Tasks in Melbourne


When it comes to NDIS assistance with daily tasks in Melbourne, Australia Disability Services is the organisation in which you can put your trust. That’s because we have years of experience in helping participants with physical impairments. Besides, our support workers are adept at assisting individuals with varied physical impairments. They assess the problems faced by the participants and then tweak the support plans to help them more efficiently. For this reason, our clients are always happy with our services. So, if you are looking for a disability services and support organisation that is committed to helping participants responsibly, you are at the right place.


If you are wondering if this is the best organisation delivering NDIS assistance with daily tasks near me, you are absolutely right. We are indeed the name in which you can count on since we assist our clients with various daily tasks in their homes and shared spaces. So, if you require the necessary support, feel free to connect with us now.


Daily life assistance | Australia Disability Services

The Support Worker You can Rely on at Australia Disability Services


Australia Disability Services carefully planned and created each of our disability support services with our clients’ wellbeing in mind. In order to provide quality services like our house cleaning service, daily life assistance and more, we make sure to hire the most competent and professional support workers in Australia. They undergo proper training to effectively perform NDIS daily tasks in a shared living environment.


At Australia Disability Services, we offer shared living arrangements where our care providers stay with our clients in their residence 24/7. We strictly follow the guidelines for shared living in NDIS to ensure the well-being of our clients. Our accommodation and assistance services in NDIS shared living have yielded excellent results since the beginning of our operations. If you require qualified individuals to assist with your daily tasks in NDIS shared living, feel free to reach out to us by dialing our numbers. The range of services offered by Australia Disability Services in our NDIS shared living arrangements in Melbourne includes: Our competent care workers perform different roles in a shared living setup such as:


  • Respite care for children is provided by us to assist parents or guardians in challenging situations or emergencies.Home care services for individuals requiring support and assistance with mild to complex needs. We provide excellent care for individuals of all ages facing health or mobility challenges.Assistance with daily tasks for seniors and people with disabilities At Australia Disability Services, our shared community living provides inclusivity for individuals with varying support needs. We guide them to reach their individual life goals and provide exposure to different learning opportunities.


Daily Task | Australia Disability Services

Why Choose Our NDIS Assistance with Daily Tasks in Melbourne?


Choosefor our NDIS assistance with daily tasks in Melbourne since:


  • Our support workers help with various household and personal tasks
  • Our support staff are caring and compassionate and help participants patiently
  • Our support workers follow the necessary plans while assisting participants


To get more of your questions solved, send us an email to info@australiadisabilityservices.com.au.



Daily Task Accordion(FAQ)

The daily tasks with which our support workers can help you or your loved one include household and personal tasks such as gardening, cooking, house cleaning, hygiene maintenance, etc. For more details, feel free to connect with us today.
Yes. We coordinate with the participants to provide extensive support with which they can complete various tasks and even reach their goals. Besides, we also coordinate with the family members of the participants to better tailor the support service.
Yes. Our support workers always supervise participants while assisting them to keep them safe. Also, our staff make sure that they are not facing any difficulties accomplishing any of the daily tasks.
If you need more than one support worker to help you accomplish your day to day activities, you will need to inform us so that we can assign them for you.
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