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With a great state of health and wellbeing, one can function at its best. For people with disabilities and elderly, maintaining a good health status is a great way to improve their life skills. With Australia Disability Services, our participants are given different support services to ensure that they are in great shape in terms of their physical, mental, social and emotional state. We prioritise their overall wellbeing because we genuinely care for them.


ADS builds a great mental health community for all our clients. We have great children’s mental health services that are developmentally appropriate for them. Also, our adult mental health services focus on helping clients with mental health problems. To achieve NDIS improved health and wellbeing, we also offer different physical health services to ensure progress in their physical wellbeing

Achieve a complete and the best health and wellbeing with Australia Disability Services!

Life Skills

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Why Choose ADS?

If you want a support service provider that addresses different physical and mental health issues, then call for Australia Disability Services. We have a team of professionals that can provide improved health and wellbeing in NDIS. Our goal is to create an opportunity for our clients to enhance their mental and physical health and wellbeing. Living with disabilities or illnesses should not stop a person from achieving higher goals in life. Let us help you achieve a great state of physical-mental health and wellbeing in Australia. Rest assured that Australia Disability Services will be with you all throughout your journey!