Embracing Changes of Life with Australia Disability Services

Every human being undergoes different life stages at a certain age. These changes are brought by a person’s readiness physically, mentally and emotionally. Individuals with disabilities or complex needs require assistance in going through different life transitions. This is how ADS can help. We offer compassionate and professional life transition coaching for people with disabilities.  


Assist life | Australia Disability Services


We see life transition as an opportunity for our clients to build more on their independence and capabilities in doing their ADLs. Here at Australia Disability, you can receive competent and compassionate assistance with daily life in NDIS. Community participation plays a big role in developing different life skills as well. This is why it is included as part of our Assistance with Daily Life service. 


Be more confident in facing different life stages with the help of Australia Disability Service’ Life Assist in Melbourne!

The Life Assist-NDIS You’ll Ever Need

Assist life second | Australia Disability ServicesAustralia Disability Service offers the best life assistance for people with health conditions. Our Daily Life-Assist program can be availed in two options: short term life assistance and long term life assistance. We can be your trusted and most reliable support system in doing your daily life tasks. 

We are also competent to assist-life stage transition in NDIS. ADS is your partner in building your relationships with other people, enhancing your decision making skills and participating in your community. Here at Australia Disability Services, we assist life stage transition with genuine care and compassion, so book us now for an initial appointment!