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Learning Important Life Skills in Australia with Australia Disability Services

ADS believes that learning different life skills boosts the confidence of people with disabilities as well as the elderly. They become more aware of their capabilities and abilities as a more independent individual. We are genuinely happy to see the positive changes of life among our participants whenever they show improved daily living skills.


Our life skills program includes developing personal care routines, using public transportation, doing household chores and other skills each participant wants to learn. We support and assist our clients 100% in their goals to improve their daily living skills


Build a more confident life in spite of all the challenges brought by disabilities. Australia Disability Services have the best life skills coaching for you, so call us now to get started!

ADS Life Skills Development Program

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We are committed to providing a variety of quality NDIS development-life skills activities. Every participant undergoes an initial interview before the program starts. This way, we can list down what are the life skills in Australia they want to improve or learn. The life skill development program we provide our participants aim to achieve their individual life goals. It is not a one-size-fit-all for our ADS clients.


Here are some of the most common daily living skills examples our clients wants to develop:

  • Practice and maintenance of personal hygiene
  • Build better socialisation skills
  • Use of public transportation independently or with minimal assistance
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Household tasks and more

Australia Development Services views development of life skills as a way to give hope for people living with complex conditions. Enquire with ADS now because we are ready to listen, assist and guide you completely through this journey.