Respite Care

What is Respite Care for Australia Disability Service?

Let us define respite before anything else. Respite is a word that means to take a rest or relief from a challenging situation. Australia Disability Service has another respite meaning. For us, it is the act of extending our support and assistance to home carers. 


Our respite care takes over the duties and responsibilities of the primary carers at home. We give them the chance to do other important tasks, attend to the needs of other family members, enjoy a short vacation and others. It is the time for them to enjoy while their loved ones with disabilities are being taken care of very well in our respite centre. We are the respite care in Melbourne that aims to maintain our clients’ well being through our quality support services. 

Choose the respite house or centre that can give you a worry-free experience during your respite. With  Australia Disability Services, your loved ones are treated with respect, genuine care and professionalism!


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Australia Disability Services: Provider of Quality Respite Services

Respite Care Melbourne second | Australia Disability ServiceAs a primary carer at home, you go through a lot of scheduled activities. Delivering 24/7 care and support to your loved ones is a great  way to show your love and loyalty. But remember that you are important too. Australia Disability Services gives you the chance for a self-care time through our flexible respite services.

  • Short term respite care – Take a few days off to take a break while we look after your loved ones’ well being.
  • In-home respite care – We provide competent care workers to visit your house and care for your loved ones and do daily household chores. 
  • Respite care for elderly – Our team of care workers are trained and experts in providing aged care respite.
  • Emergency respite care – We have a 24/7 open line for you to call us whenever you need an emergency respite.

Reasons to Choose Our Respite Care Services

“Be there for others,

But never leave yourself behind.”


We are the respite home care that puts your loved ones’ welfare as well as yours, on top of our priorities. You can rely on us to give 100% care, compassion and attention to your family members. Moreover, we can help you find prompt residential respite care vacancies anytime. Our residential respite care gives 24 hours support and assistance for the home carers.

We can’t wait to hear you say “My aged care respite comes from Australia Disability Services –  the best disability provider in Melbourne!”