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We are the disability service provider in Australia that aims to provide support and assistance to people with disabilities in the most holistic way. It is our top priority to ensure the wellbeing of our clients during our time of service with them. This is why aside from the support services our team provides, we also offer Assistance Animals and thus we are the best NDIS Registered Animal Provider in Melbourne.


 Assistance Animals in Australia provides emotional and physical support to individuals with medical conditions. They are also called NDIS Assistance Animals because NDIA funds these types of assistance animals if it proves to be beneficial on a patient’s condition. There are different types of assistance animals but the most common are guide dogs that are employed by NDIS Registered Animal Providers in Melbourne. They can be therapy animals in Australia that can tremendously improve a person’s emotional and mental disposition just by being their daily companion.


Here at ADS, we believe that provision of support services are not limited to humans. Certain types of assistance animals can change your life – get in touch with us to know the  options we offer as a NDIS Registered Animal Provider in Melbourne!

Benefits of Assistance Animals in NDIS

Australia Disability Services is the best NDIS Registered Animal Provider in Melbourne. We believe that they can bring change to the lives of people with disabilities:

  • Guide dogs are useful in supporting physically challenged individuals inside the house and during outdoor trips.
  • They are called emotional assistance animals because they can help lift up the morale of people living with complex conditions. They add positivity and hope into their lives.
  • The assistance animals for the disabled can assist them in doing certain tasks and activities.

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What Animal Assistance Packages are Funded by NDIS?


Some of the assistance animals that may be funded by the NDIS include:


  • Dog guides (as both the guide dogs and seeing eye dogs are branded terms in Australia, the NDIS would use dog guides as a generic term for dogs that are trained to assist people with vision impairments)
  • Hearing assistance and Physical assistance animals
  • Assistance animals meant for participants with long-term yet persistent PTSD or Post traumatic Stress Disorder

What are the eligibility criteria for NDIS animal assistance?


Some of the eligibility criteria for NDIS animal assistance would include include:


  • Whether there is any need for an assistance animal in regards to your disability
  • If there is any proof that suggests that an ideal assistance animal will be effective as well as advantageous taking into account the disability you have.
  • Whether an assistance animal would prove to be more valuable when compared with the other kinds of supports
  • If the animal in question will meet the criteria and definition of an NDIA assistance animal. 
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Assistance Animals FAQ

Assistance dogs are specialty dogs that are trained on jobs depending on its personality and the needs of their potential handler.

What are the tasks these dogs are taught?


These dogs are taught to:

  • Help keep the NDIS participants mobile (if they have any walking difficulties)
  • Reduce anxiety & stress
  • Help development of self confidence
  • Provide a routine for the daily life along with stability
  • Alert people to instances of seizures
  • Help the participants pick up items around the house
  • Bark to alert that the participant is in danger
  • Development a sense of compassion and confidence
  • Make payments to cashiers at shops and stores
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