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Based on the NDIS funding categories, participants are entitled to receive funding for different NDIS activities such as assistance in personal care, self-help classes, art workshops and more. Australia Disability Services provides beneficial one-on-one and group community centre activities according to each of our clients’ interests and life goals. 


The funding allocated to NDIS Group activities serves as financial support for various essential daily activities within the NDIS, including:


  • NDIS community participation activities that are great in building relationships with other people and developing your worth in the community.
  • Assistance with self care activities in NDIS. It helps you develop self confidence and independence in performing different personal care tasks. 
  • NDIS funded activities like computer lessons, art class, joining sports clubs and more.

Learn more about yourself and the skills you want to improve through a variety of activities in centre provided by Australia Disability Services. 

What is the effectiveness of our NDIS Group Activities in Melbourne?


Various social as well as recreational activities play a pivotal role in maintenance and improvement of mental wellbeing of the participants. These NDIS Group Activities near Melbourne encourage connection along with active engagement with the community.They also provide the participants perfect opportunities to meet new people, and learn & develop new skills or hobbies for a better life and healthier survival.

Our NDIS Group Activities help people come together and share their experiences with mental health while providing an outlet to learn new social skills and develop strong personal relationships.

We also help in the development of select ability that offers new and innovative activities needed for better survival. However, our NDIS Group Activities also offer more conventional and good old group activities like cooking and foods preparation, fishing and gardening.  Our NDIS group activities and support are delivered by the very best of the support workers.

What NDIS Group Activities in Melbourne do we offer?


Looking for fun and engaging NDIS Group Activities? Look no further than Australia Disability Services! Our exciting range of activities includes:


  • Trips to the movies, operas, and other recreational events
  • Relaxing fishing trips
  • Scenic walks
  • Thrilling ten-pin bowling matches
  • Creative arts and crafts lessons
  • Active group sports
  • Cooking and meal preparation classes
  • Social outings to meet and connect with new friends

Don’t miss out on the chance to have fun and make new connections with our NDIS Group Activities. Join us today!

What are the most Important FAQs to ask before availing our NDIS Group Activities?


Centre Activities FAQ

Yes all our support workers offering NDIS Group Activities in Melbourne are licensed and bonded.
Our NDIS group activities in Melbourne are designed to create a supportive, safe and secured space for the participants. It gives them the opportunity to fully express themselves as well as their complex emotions to others in their community who are able to relate to these experiences. These sessions allow the participants to develop survival and life-long skills to create strong interpersonal bondage or relationships and engage with various social activities more fluently.
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Call us at 1300 237 634 to book or service or to meet our expert. Or you can write at info@australiadisabilityservices.com.au to know further details about them.