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Assistance With Daily Activities in Melbourne


People generally do not have to learn the skills needed to carry out daily activities. They develop it by default with age, as they grow up. However, it applies to the general populace for those living with mobility restrictions and impairments, things may be different. They may need assistance from specialists to develop these skills to carry out daily activities and maintain the survival basics.


This is where a qualified and trained disability support and service provider like Australia Disability Services will make a difference. Based in Melbourne, we are home to some of the most efficient and qualified support workers. They will use all the expertise and acumen to assist personal activities in Melbourne to these individuals living with mobility restrictions.

How do our Support Workers Differ in Approach?


Our support workers are not only professional in approach. Their service is all about care, compassion and warmth. These humane qualities make the recipients of support feel all at ease with our caregivers.


We know that no two individuals can have the same limitations. Hence, our support workers will take into account the custom support needs, their lifestyle and the goals of their life. This will help them come up with bespoke assistance with daily activities in Melbourne that will help them develop the skills of living life as autonomously as possible.

Maximizing the NDIS Funding Categories with Australia Disability Services

Let Australia Disability Services help you in navigating your NDIS funds to receive the most out of the three NDIS categories. As your trusted NDIS Support Coordinator we prioritise in giving support for all your disability-related needs as we assist personal activities in Melbourne.

Supported Independent Living | Australia Disability Services

We use the NDIS code of conduct as our guide in providing respectful, compassionate and professional assistance with daily life activities. The category NDIS Improved Daily Living examples we provide are a different range of therapies and training needed by our clients. These therapies fall under our list of CB Daily Activity that aims to achieve their  individual life goals. We also offer emotional support from animals in Australia.  Explore new skills and improve your abilities here at Australia Disability Services!

Why Choose ADS?

Australia Disability Services is a dedicated NDIS provider that values the power of change. We believe that our clients with complex living conditions have the ability to improve for the better with our guidance and assistance. 

  • The NDIS-assisted personal activities we offer are grooming, dressing, doing household chores, and more. We provide these kinds of support to promote independence.
  • The Capacity Building NDIS examples we plan for each of our clients includes seeking a job, using public transportation, learning to cook, handling money and more.

We also appoint competent care workers to deliver outstanding service for our Supported Independent Living in NDIS.

What are the Most Important FAQs In Regards to the Assistance with Daily Activities?


Personal Activities

Our support workers are highly qualified, dedicated and experienced. They will take into consideration the bespoke needs of the participants to deliver custom support service.
Yes, we do offer 24x7 as well as time bound support service, depending on your support and care needs.
Yes, they are - as all our support workers are background checked
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