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ADS: Providing Meaningful NDIS Group Activities in Melbourne

Daily Activities Ndis Community Centre Activities | Australia Disability Services

Based on the NDIS funding categories, participants are entitled to receive funding for different NDIS activities such as assistance in personal care, self-help classes, art workshops and more. Australia Disability Services provides beneficial one-on-one and group community centre activities according to each of our clients’ interests and life goals. 

Your NDIS daily activities funding is used for different core daily activities in NDIS such as:

  • NDIS community participation activities that are great in building relationships with other people and developing your worth in the community.
  • Assistance with self care activities in NDIS. It helps you develop self confidence and independence in performing different personal care tasks. 
  • NDIS funded activities like computer lessons, art class, joining sports clubs and more.

Learn more about yourself and the skills you want to improve through a variety of activities in centre provided by Australia Disability Services.