I’m Eligible to be a NDIS participant! What is the best way to Access The NDIS?

If you have the eligibility to be NDIS participants , you will need to get in touch with NDIS on 1800 800 110 to request an Access Request Form. You may require input from your GP or the medical specialist(s) along with the copies of the assessments held, if any, health care reports as well as other types of evidence in support of your application. In case you already have this information with you, the planning becomes easier for you and the first step is a meeting with your NDIS service provider. After you have the Access Request Form you will have 21 business days to return the form to NDIS for processing.

What Are My Options for NDIS Plan Management?

You options are :


Self-management of any portion of the funding by NDIS or budget gives you the option of control over the funding for the plan. In other words, you manage the funding for your NDIS plan. Self-management implies that you request and pay the invoices related to the support that NDIS is extending to you through its plan.

Plan Manager

A registered plan management provider controls and manages the NDIS funding all throughout the support period on your behalf. You will receive support from the service providers regardless of whether they are or nor NDIS registered.

NDIS (Agency) Managed

In this option, the service providers directly claim from the NDIS as and when the support service is provided. The NDIS will only engage those service providers who are registered with them.

What experience, efficiency and skills do Disability Services staff members have?

We press into service highly empowered, caring and compassionate employees to take care of the participants. The working experience of the support workers may range from 3-20 years.

Can you guarantee a flexibility plan?

Our services are perfectly tailored to meet your specific needs, and we fulfil our promise of a person-centred service across all the touch points.

Can Australia Disability Services provide non English speaking staff?

If needed, Australia Disability Services will employ accredited translator’s services as part of our core values of inclusiveness.

How much does your support service cost?

The support services cost will vary depending on the services provide.The cost is calculated in accordance to the NDIS price guide. The cost is discussed with the participant or the family members and agreed upon beforehand.