What is the NDIS?


NDIS is a state-of-the-art program that will make sure that around 4.3 million Australians who have to live with a disability are provided relief. Currently, about $22 billion in funding is available to over half a million Australians suffering from any permanent and significant disability. This scheme makes sure that people have the support they need.


Australia Disability Services is a registered NDIS services provider that can provide all people with disability with information and connections to services in their communities. This includes access to support groups, and accommodation centres, among other services.

NDIS services at Australia Disability Services


At Australia Disability Services, we offer all kinds of services to people from all walks of lives. Our NDIS compliant services include services related to Wellbeing, Community Participation and Social Activities, Accommodation and Tenancy Assistance, Daily Life Assistance, and even Support Coordination. These services are tailored to cater to people having specialised disabilities.


All the NDIS services offered by Australian Disability Services are rendered by professionals that are thoroughly experienced.

How to get an NDIS plan


You can call 1800 800 110 and ask for an Access-Request over the phone. You then have to email or post copies of your existing disability information, including letter or reports, to one of the following:


  • email: NAT@ndis.gov.au
  • Post to: GPO Box 700, Canberra ACT 2601, or
  • drop it into your nearest NDIS office.


You can also complete and submit the Supporting Evidence form via email to NAT@ndis.gov.au.


For more info, you can visit the NDIS website.


How to apply | NDIS

Or visit Australia Disability Services and discuss plans and support with our team.

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