Household Tasks
Household Tasks Assistance
Household Tasks Assistance

Tailored Assistance with NDIS Household Tasks in Melbourne

As we grow up, we inherently develop the skills to perform the daily household tasks that become an inseparable part of our life and existence. In fact, they become a part of our survival skills by default. However, individuals with impairments and mobility restrictions may find it difficult to develop those skills autonomously. In that case, Australia Disability Services come to the rescue. With a team of highly qualified support workers, we are one of the most vetted NDIS-registered disability services and support providers offering NDIS household tasks in Melbourne.
Household Support
Household Support

How Do We Differ from Others as Providers of Household Task Assistance?

As experienced NDIS-registered disability service providers, we know that no two participants can have identical support needs when it comes to offering assistance with household tasks.

That’s why our support workers will take into account the lifestyle and the socioeconomic background of the participants and the objectives of their lives before chalking out a support plan.

This helps us to come up with support packages that perfectly meet the bespoke needs of the participant. It is this customised approach that makes us such an immensely successful provider of assistance with NDIS Household Tasks in Melbourne.

Household Tasks Service
Household Tasks Service

What is Included in Our Assistance with NDIS Household Tasks Service?

At Australia Disability Services, the assistance with household tasks that we offer include but is not restricted to:
  • House & Yard maintenance
  • Laundry & Dish washing
  • Changing bed linen
  • Vacuuming and washing surfaces and floors
  • Dusting
  • Essential ironing
  • Preparation of meal.

What are the most thoughtful questions before opting for our Household Task Assistance?

How are your support workers different?

Our support workers offer assistance with household tasks and are all highly trained and experienced. They are dedicated and competent enough to provide all the types of support needed.

Do you offer 24×7 support?

Yes, we offer 24×7 as well as time bound support depending on the household task assistance you need.

Are you a registered service provider?

Yes, we are an NDIS registered service provider. For further details, you can contact us.

With us Around in Melbourne, Better Life is Just a Phone Call Away

Do not wait then, if you want to live a life of self esteem and autonomy. Call us and book our service straight away. Or write to us at to know how we can help you lead a life you can be proud of!

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